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iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Here at Pendragon IT services, we’re getting exited about the concept of location aware devices and the iBeacon technologies available to the IOS7 and Android platforms.

Imagine your iPhone, iPad or Android device knowing that your home and triggering specified apps or in the next generation home turning on or changing the colour or intensity of your lights as you arrive. Maybe finding things you’ve lost using a ‘Tile

It’s also a powerful model for businesses too. It enables your apps on your consumers device to recognize that they have entered a location and push specific offers to that device. The possibilities of indoor Geo-location are endless;

  • Networks of devices can be overlayed onto a map and be used to guide people to indoor locations such as airport gates. meeting rooms shops within a mall
  • Beacons placed by products can get your app to identify stock levels, and start a video with information about it

Speak to us and we can help you procure, develop or implement the leading edge technology and location enable your world!


Agenci Information Security

For all those SME’s out there, Agenci have released a Business Continuity App for your Apple Mobile device. Primarily the app is built for the iPhone but iPad support will be included in the next version with an Android version in plannning

The Continuity 24X7 app is available on the Apple store at a unit price of £2.99 (regional currency prices apply), for the standalone version. An enterprise version is available by contacting Agenci  ( directly.

The app in the news: